About Me

My name is Serena Chew, 22, currently residing in the Bay Area. My style is focused on contemporary street-style with the occasional bougie but always a little EXTRAAAA. I am a recent graduate from San Jose State and I thrive off affordable fashion on a post-graduate budget. This blog is intended to share my vision of upcoming trends in current and future seasons. I will give insight on what I would wear to certain occasions and events. This will also be the place where I spill my favorite online shopping websites as well as the weekly sales being offered.

Why Serenaissance?

I chose this name for the blog because the renaissance was a period of time in European history during the 14th-16th century that focused on the revival and rebirth of culture, art, and literature. It was the pinnacle point of transition between the middle ages and modern-day lifestyle. With Serenaissance, I am using this domain to rediscover the revival of certain style, and trends in today’s modern-day fashion.